St Andrews Film Studies (StAFS) is a publishing house founded within the University of St Andrews in 2009. It is managed by Prof. Dina Iordanova and administered by Dr Stefanie Van de Peer. Based in the Centre for Film Studies it publishes cutting edge scholarship on film and the moving image, with a particular focus on film festivals – a newly emerging area of study, in which it is already the world-leader.

StAFS is responsible for the annual Film Festival Yearbooks, of which there are five editions in print. It has also published work on the impact of the internet and digital technologies on film distribution, on human trafficking and the cinema and on the Edinburgh International Film Festival. In 2013 a new series was launched, under the title Films Need Festivals, Festivals Need Films.

The guiding principle of our editorial philosophy is to promote greater understanding of, and access to, international cinema and film culture worldwide.