Edited by Dina Iordanova with Ragan Rhyne

978-1-906678-04-3 (paperback)

£17.99 (paperback), 225 pages

St Andrews Film Studies with College Gate Press, 2009


The Festival Circuit

Film Festival Yearbook 1

The new annual series of Film Festival Yearbooks seeks to redress a gap in current scholarship, theorising the nature and functioning of film festivals and the festival circuit and providing case studies and resources to facilitate further research into this important and burgeoning field.

The first volume, The Festival Circuit, features articles related to the global proliferation of film festivals and focuses on the dynamics of the film festival circuit, including the roles played by individual festivals as nodes on this complex network and the cultural policies that shape its channels of film exhibition and distribution.


Kay Armatage, William Brown, Ruby Cheung, Mark Cousins, Marijke de Valck, Rahul Hamid, Janet Harbord, Dina Iordanova, Dimitris Kerkinos, Skadi Loist, Ma Ran, Ragan Rhyne, Nick Roddick, Charles-Clemens Rüling, J. David Slocum


Introduction (Dina Iordanova and Ragan Rhyne)

Part I: The Festival Circuit

Film Festival Circuits and Stakeholders (Ragan Rhyne)

The Film Festival Circuit (Dina Iordanova)

Film Festivals-Time-Event (Janet Harbord)

Part II: Festival Case Studies

Festivals as Field-configuring Events: The Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market (Charles-Clemens Rüling)

From Urban Bohemia to Euro Glamour: The Establishment and Early Years of The New York Film Festival (Rahul Hamid)

Toronto Women & Film International 1973 (Kay Armatage)

Corporatising a Film Festival: Hong Kong (Ruby Cheung)

Rethinking Festival Film: Urban Generation Chinese Cinema on the Film Festival Circuit (Ma Ran)

Film and/as Culture: The Use of Cultural Discourses at Two African Film Festivals (J. David Slocum)

Part III: Dispatches from the Festival World

Widescreen on Film Festivals (Mark Cousins)

Coming to a Server near You: The Film Festival in the Age of Digital Reproduction (Nick Roddick)

Programming Balkan Films at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Dimitris Kerkinos)

Part IV: The Field of Festival Studies

Film Festival Studies: An Overview of a Burgeoning Field (Marijke de Valck and Skadi Loist)

The Festival Syndrome: Report on the International Film Festival Workshop, University of St Andrews, 4 April 2009 (William Brown)


Jean Michel Frodon (film critic, Paris, France)

‘The Film Festival Yearbook project represents a unique opportunity to study the multi-faceted phenomenon of film festivals. It focuses on both global networks and local practices and sheds new light on the artistic, economic and political issues that are currently reshaping the global cultural field. Bringing together academics and practitioners from an impressively wide range of professional and national origins, it embraces both empirical and theoretical analysis. In so doing it provides striking new insights into a hugely significant cultural phenomenon.’

Kuhu Tanvir, ‘Book Review: Film Festival Yearbook 1: The Festival Circuit’, Wide Screen, 1:2, June 2010

The study of film festivals has thus far been limited to case studies of individual festivals, often comprising only organisers' reports. It is not the aim of [the Film Festival Yearbook] project to discredit this methodology...it is instead to provide a more comprehensive approach to festival studies, one where empirical data, and organizational narratives come together with an attempt to theorise the very idea of film festivals...The series is a welcome addition to the discipline.

Kirsten Stevens, ‘Film Festival Yearbook 1: The Festival Circuit’, Screening the Past, 26, Thursday, 10 December 2009

Read review.

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Read review.

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Most publications on film festivals so far have been anecdotal case studies, brief journalistic reports and anniversary books. St Andrews' FFY series is the first major academic book series devoted to the phenomenon of film festivals. The editors treat the subject as an emerging discipline within film and media studies that has taken a clear departure from both fields because film festival study is multiple and interdisciplinary in nature…The editorial vision declared in the FFY series is to deveop a systematic approach to explain, theorize and historicize film festivals in order to understand the subject in greater detail and with more intellectual rigour… [The] books make vital contributions to the burgeoning area of film festival studies.