Edited by Dina Iordanova with Ruby Cheung

978-0-9563730-1-4 (paperback)

£17.99 (paperback), 286 pages

St Andrews Film Studies, 2010


Film Festivals and Imagined Communities

Film Festival Yearbook 2

The second volume in the Film Festival Yearbook series, brings together essays about festivals that use international cinema to mediate the creation of transnational ‘imagined communities’.

There are texts about the cultural policies and funding models linked to these festivals, as well as analysis of programming practices linked to these often highly politicised events. The case studies discuss diaspora-linked festivals that take place in Vienna, San Francisco, San Sebastian, Havana, Bradford, Sahara, South Korea and London and that feature cinema from places as diverse as Nepal and Kurdistan, Africa and Latin America.

The Resources section features an up-to-date bibliography on film festival scholarship and an extensive thematically-organised listing of a variety of transnational festivals.


Ruby Cheung, Marijke de Valck, Lindiwe Dovey, Michael Guillén, Mustafa Gündogdu, Yun Mi Hwang, Dina Iordanova, Skadi Loist, Miriam Ross, Isabel Santaolalla, Jérôme Segal, Stefan Simanowitz, Roy Stafford


Introduction (Dina Iordanova and Ruby Cheung)

Part I: Contexts

Mediating Diaspora: Film Festivals and ‘Imagined Communities’ (Dina Iordanova)

Directors’ Cut: In Defence of African Film Festivals outside Africa (Lindiwe Dovey)

Funding Models of Themed Film Festivals (Ruby Cheung)

Part II: Case Studies

Bite the Mango: Bradford’s Unique Film Festival (Roy Stafford)

Under the Migrant Lens: Migrant Worker Film Festival in South Korea (Yun Mi Hwang)

A Cinematic Refuge in the Desert: The Sahara International Film Festival (Isabel Santaolalla and Stefan Simanowitz)

Diasporas by the Bay: Two Asian Film Festivals in San Francisco (Michael Guillén)

Film Festivals and the Ibero-American Sphere (Miriam Ross)

Film Festivals in the Diaspora: Impetus to the Development of Kurdish Cinema? (Mustafa Gündogdu)

Identities and Politics at the Vienna Jewish Film Festival (Jérôme Segal)

Part III: Resources

Thematic Bibliography on Film Festival Research — Update: 2009 (Skadi Loist and Marijke de Valck)

The Listings: Transnational Film Festivals (Dina Iordanova)

Table 1. African Film Festivals (Lindiwe Dovey)

Table 2. Latin American and Ibero-American Film Festivals (Miriam Ross)

Table 3. Asian Film Festivals (Andrew Dorman)

Table 4. Jewish Film Festivals (Jérôme Segal)

Table 5. Palestinian Film Festivals (Serazer Pekerman)

Table 6. Turkish Film Festivals (Serazer Pekerman)

Table 7. French Film Festivals (Ruby Cheung)

Table 8. German Film Festivals (Ruby Cheung)

Table 9. Greek Film Festivals (Serazer Pekerman)

Table 10. Taiwanese Film Festivals (Yun-hua Chen)

Table 11. Overseas Film Festivals in London (UK) (Andrew Dorman)

Table 12. Overseas Film Festivals in Los Angeles (U.S.) (Andrew Dorman)

Table 13. Overseas Film Festivals in San Francisco (U.S.) (Andrew Dorman)


Jonathan Rosenbaum (film critic and author)

The very ambitious aspiration of the Film Festival Yearbook is, quite literally, to define a new area of film study.

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Read review.

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Dina Iordanova and R$uby Cheung provide readers with a serious, solid, in-depth and scholarly study of film festivals. Film Festival Yearbook 2 tries to pin down the role(s) of film festivals as social and theoretical constructs while, perhaps, being mindful of how the contemporary so-called global media moment we live in tends to overload and empty of meaning useful concepts...Iordanova and Cheung must be congratulated for an excellent publication that shall be engaged with critically for years to come.

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Most publications on film festivals so far have been anecdotal case studies, brief journalistic reports and anniversary books. St Andrews' FFY series is the first major academic book series devoted to the phenomenon of film festivals. The editors treat the subject as an emerging discipline within film and media studies that has taken a clear departure from both fields because film festival study is multiple and interdisciplinary in nature…The editorial vision declared in the FFY series is to develop a systematic approach to explain, theorize and historicize film festivals in order to understand the subject in greater detail and with more intellectual rigour… [The] books make vital contributions to the burgeoning area of film festival studies.

Alex Fischer 'Book Review of Dina Iordanova and Ruby Cheung (eds) Film Festival Yearbook 2: Film Festivals and Imagined Communities, Screening the Past, Issue 28, September 2010.