Film Festival Yearbooks

General Editor: Dina Iordanova

Advisory Board: Dudley Andrew, Alberto Elena Diaz, Jean-Michel Frodon, Faye Ginsburg, Andrew Higson, Adrian Martin, Richard Porton, B. Ruby Rich

The Film Festival Yearbooks Series has been going since 2009, when The Festival Circuit appeared. This book was edited by Dina Iordanova and Ragan Rhyne and became a field-defining, often quoted and successful first study of film festivals in the academic world. It was soon followed by a second yearbook, dedicated to Imagined Communities in 2010, in which the festival and its communities are taken into consideration. The third book, edited by Dina Iordanova and Ruby Cheung, about Film Festivals in Asia, from 2011, is still an influential study of the grand, the unusual and the world famous festivals of the largest region in the world. The fourth yearbook from 2012, devoted to Film Festivals and Activism, was edited by Dina Iordanova and Leshu Torchin, an expert in activism and documentary. It is the first of its kind and boasts new definitions and a dialogue about activism and what festivals and films can achieve in a human rights context.

The next two yearbooks have been planned – Archival Film Festivals, edited by Alex Marlow-Mann, is currently being proofread and produced and will (we hope) be out by May 2013. After that, we have tentative plans for a yearbook on Festivals and the Middle East.

Dina Iordanova continues to be the general editor of this series, and it is supported by a solid advisory board that consists of film festival professionals and academics in the field. St Andrews Film Studies continues to lead the field of film festival studies, a relatively new but already very important new addition to film studies globally.

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